Legislative Accomplishments

In the year since taking office, I have been working hard to make Evanston a better place for everyone. Below is a list of successful legislative accomplishments I have completed since my appointment 2/23/22.

Things that have passed:

• My first referral was to propose a ballot referendum for Ranked Choice Voting in Evanston Municipal Elections.  Evanston voters agreed with me and the ballot referendum passed with 85% of the vote.  Evanston will be the first Illinois municipality to provide Ranked Choice Voting to its residents.

After the Dobbs decision, I initiated work on Evanston’s Reproductive Rights Proclamation. I felt strongly that there were things the city could do to further protect its residents.  I am working closely with Mayor and City staff to implement changes that will protect citizens from outside law enforcement agencies, provide city employees access to the best reproductive health care possible, and that that our health department and 311 are providing resources, information and education regarding reproductive health care services inquiries in a respectful and professional manner while ensuring that the identity of callers are kept private.

Converting 1 way to 3 way stop sign on Florence/Washington

• I’m also a co-referrer to Evanston’s shared licensing proposal.  This lays the groundwork for the City of Evanston to properly license the Margarita Inn.  I’m very much in support of the shelter being there to stay and am working to make sure that happens.

In Committee Pipeline

• Campaign Finance Reform – Small Donor Matching program for Mayoral elections

• Fair Notice Ordinance for Renters & Security Deposit Return Time – We are attempting to implement these two in a rehaul of Evanston’s Landlord Tenant ordinance 

• Equity and Empowerment Visibility for Referrals – Making all legislation go to Equity and Empowerment for review and recommendations